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About Us



Our purpose is to become a strong, reliable and honest company with the awareness to leave a clean and healthy environment to our children who we consider as our future, through the cleaning and personal care products that are produced and distributed in our company.


Our goal is to use our products with our citizens in our country first to the Turkish people then to people all over the world.




We offer cheap and reliable products for a healthy and better cleaning using today's technology without compromising on quality.


Our customer is the world population.


We intend to leave our children a clean and healthy environment without polluting the ground- and surface water of our country.




As Ersağ Cleaning and cosmetic products; we intend to be useful to our customers by continually developing, innovating and enhancing the service concept and self-confidence given by customers to us by creating household products and cosmetics and realizing our customer's direct marketing with our network marketing system.


In producing the best products with modern production techniques and offering alternative products with different product groups, we intend to become recognized and desirable with our brand all over the world.


We respect business ethics by observing environmental and human rights and never giving up our valuables except for those purposes.